May 24, 2024

Elon Musk is apparently not a fan of Reuters. That is not surprising as Reuters is a Mainstream Media outlet and they are not favorable to anyone who has thoughts who don’t align with Leftist theology.

Clearly, he believes they have very rigorous hiring practices. Heh.

Some of the replies were big mad!

Thank you for making Elon’s point. Why has Reuters been so hyper focused on one man?

It’s top tier entertainment.

Also, mostly true.


Those are absolutely fair additions. 

Unfortunately, there are not enough of those left. Today, it’s simply hiring people who look and think a certain way.

Another accurate addition.

Totally worth it!

The timeline may be unclear, but it has definitely happened.

It’s big facts.

The Leftists journalists are so very bothered. That old saying ‘a hit dog will holler’ seems very appropriate. The fact someone who isn’t a leftist shill owns a huge social media platform will never stop angering them.