April 23, 2024

Remember when Eric Swalwell threatened to nuke Americans?

Yeah, he’s always been a pretty big dope. It was fun though, watching him try and run for president back in 2020 when he had to drop out really early because people would rather buy bags of potato chips than give him even one dollar. That was one of his campaign pushes, telling people to give him their snack money.

Clearly, it didn’t go well.

And this won’t go well either.


California isn’t sending its best.

Swalwell is a Democrat, and like all other Democrats, longs for a time when the government can oppress and out-gun Americans. He’s an authoritarian of the worst sort because he truly believes he’s the good guy in all of this.

See? We’re not even making that up.

Democrats. Progressives. Lefties. Commies. They’ve all been showing us their true colors for years now.


So we guess that works out nicely.

RIGHT?! That only seems fair.



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