April 23, 2024

The sycophantic entertainment media will blame anything and everything on Hollywood’s ongoing box office collapse. These liars have all kinds of excuses: Streaming! Unruly crowds! Too much dew on windshields! Hell, to this day, some still blame the COVID pandemic.

What no one dares suggest is… quality.

In any other industry — automobile, restaurant, pizza, toothpaste, plastic surgeon, landscaping, you name it  — when fewer and fewer customers show up, the first thing — the very first thingsane people look at is the quality of the product.

Oh, but not in Hollywood. Having the moral courage to question the quality of the naked emperor’s clothes is to invite a terrible backlash. No longer will studios advertise on your sycophantic website. No longer will the studios give you — the sycophant — access to the stars, the free screenings, and all that sweet, sweet swag.

So, no—no way did Indiana Jones 5 tank because it sucked; because emasculating our hero and having him shamed by a sexless girl-boss turned people off. No, it couldn’t be that. No, it flopped because the franchise is old and, tired and worn out. So please do forget that plenty of old franchises continue to make money — like, say, Top Gun: Maverick, which didn’t have our hero emasculated by a sexless girl-boss.

And even though nearly 66 million Americans voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, those red-state bigots killed that Lady Ghostbusters movie. And even though Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Oprah Winfrey, and Michael Jackson were the biggest stars in the world 40 years ago and 60 million people voted for Barack Obama, those red-state racists killed— you get my point.

Lies, lies, lies.


Now we have the proof, the data, the science(!) that proves what we already know: that most people are fully aware that movies today suck. So maybe, just perhaps, that has something to do with the drop in customers.

In an exclusive to Breitbart News, Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,231 American adults on March 21, 24, & 25 and asked a simple, straightforward question: “Are movies today better than they were X number of years ago?”

The results are devastating for Hollywood and the media sycophants can no longer invent nonsense excuses for box office failures.

“Are movies today better than they were 10 years ago?”

Only 22 percent said yes, while 58 percent said no. That number is upside-down by -36 points.

What’s more, only 33 percent of the very demographic Hollywood needs to put butts in seats — people aged 18-39 — said movies are better, while a majority of 53 percent of young people said no. That’s a -20-point deficit in Hollywood’s base.

What I like about the ten-year timeframe is that it removes the wispy fog of nostalgia. No one’s looking back at 2014 as some sort of golden era.

Rasmussen then asked, “Are movies today better than they were 20 years ago?”

Only 27 percent said yes, while a majority of 58 percent said no — that’s -31 points underwater.

Again, there is no nostalgia at work here. No one is pining away for the halcyon days of 2004.

So then Rasmussen asked, “Are movies today better than they were 50 years ago?”

Only 37 percent said yes, while a plurality of 43 percent said no — that’s -6 points underwater.

Now we get to my favorite part of the poll…


For the better part of a decade, Hollywood films have bent over backward to pander to women and minorities. All this woke crap is supposed to hit the sweet spot of these specific groups. Here’s how well that dumb crusade is faring…

“Are movies today better than they were 10 years ago?”

  • Women: 23 percent yes/56 percent no (-33)
  • Black adults: 27 percent yes/ 51 percent no (-24)

“Are movies today better than they were 20 years ago?”

  • Women: 28 percent yes/52 percent no (-24)
  • Black adults: 29 percent yes/ 54 percent no (-25)

“Are movies today better than they were 50 years ago?”

  • Women: 35 percent yes/43 percent no (-8)
  • Black adults: 34 percent yes/ 40 percent no (-6)

Looks like women prefer the good old days when The Force Was Not Female.

This is not difficult…  If people believe a product is getting worse, they buy less of it. Over the last 20 years, and especially the last ten years, we’ve been increasingly burned by lousy movies that waste our time and money. Sorry, Hollywood; no amount of media gaslighting can make us forget the feeling of being insulted and ripped off.

The science says you suck.

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