December 1, 2023

As RedState has previously reported, the alarmist Just Stop Oil climate change fruitcakes have earned a very notorious reputation in Europe in recent years with dangerous and obnoxious antics that include blocking busy streets by staging sit-ins and die-ins, defacing historic monuments, and vandalizing priceless pieces of artwork all in the name of “climate justice” or whatever. 

Their tactics have caused some countries to take drastic measures, including implementing the so-called “pain grip” to get them to stop resisting when they’re asked to stop impeding traffic, especially ambulances, police, and the like from being able to get through.

In some instances, understandably angry British drivers have taken matters into their own hands and have proceeded to get out of their vehicles and drag the protesters out of the streets so commuters could get on to their destinations.

But one recent incident involving a confrontation between a passerby and protesters had some on social media calling one frustrated London pedestrian a “legend” after he ripped into the demonstrators, pointing out among other things that the clothes they wear came in part from oil and that in keeping big trucks idling while they locked hands/chained themselves together in the street they were actually making the environment worse:

One passerby then says: ‘Well done, this is going to work guys. This is definitely going to work. Brilliant. 

‘What a brilliant idea. What do you mean just stop oil? All your stuff is made out of oil, you idiots. Your clothes, these jackets, they are all made out of oil. What the hell are you doing here making a nuisance out of yourselves?’

‘It’s a joke, what a joke. What are you doing here? Get off the roads you’re wasting everbody’s time and petrol. All these, guys their engines are running all the time wasting more b***** oil, you nutters.’

He continues: ‘What is this made of? What are your clothes made out of? How did your clothes get here? 

‘They got here by oil. What are you doing? This makes no sense at all, “Just Stop Oil”. You haven’t thought about this. 

‘If you want to stop oil you need to stay at home and go and live in a forest.


Don’t know who the guy is or what he does for a living, but if that speech was any indication of the type of person he is on any given day, I think a run for Mayor or Parliament should be in his future because common sense and sanity is becoming a lost art in the United Kingdom, just as it is here in the United States and it desperately needs a revival.

As I’ve said before, this kind of calling out is exactly what we need to see more of in America and elsewhere. Not physical fights but just no-nonsense people being willing to call out the lunacy standing before us for exactly what it is. Because if not now, when?

A longer clip, where protesters can be seen getting arrested, can be watched below:

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