April 25, 2024

The National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Ltd (FISHCOPFED) has written to the ministry of animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries alleging that the financial health of the cooperative has suffered a body blow ever since implementation of the group accidental insurance scheme for fisherman was taken away from it.


The letter written a few weeks ago also alleged that the cooperative used to get a corporate benefit of Rs 2 per fisherman for making them join the scheme which was the main source of revenue for the cooperative.

And, ever since another company has been engaged to run the scheme this source of revenue for the cooperative has dried up.

It also alleged when the cooperative was implementing the programme, the premium per fisherman was around Rs 49.73 while the same is now being charged at the Rs 72.44 per fisherman.

The insurance coverage for fishermen under the group accidental insurance scheme has now been raised to Rs 500,000 from the earlier Rs 200,000 and the Central government subsidises much of the farmers share of the premium.

The letter alleged that the plight of the cooperative has been raised several times in various forums but so far nothing has happened and the cooperative is finding it difficult to even pay salaries to its staff.

In India much of the fisheries sector is dominated by cooperatives who number around 28,000.

There are almost 4 million fishermen associated with cooperatives and most of them owe their allegiance to FISHCOPFED which is a national level federation of fisheries cooperatives and the apex institution of Indian fisheries cooperative movement. 

First Published: Apr 02 2024 | 6:06 PM IST