February 21, 2024

Turn 10 Studios have outlined some of their Forza Motorsport car progression changes that are scheduled to arrive in March. These updates will offer players the flexibility to equip their cars with desired parts regardless of Car Level, while also maintaining elements of the system for those who appreciate it.

When the update arrives, all car parts for every vehicle will be accessible at Car Level 1 and players will be able to obtain Car Points using in-game Credits.

Once a car joins your collection, you’ll be able to install upgrades in any preferred sequence. Whether it’s engine swaps, race tires, changes in aspiration, body kits, or any other available part for your vehicle, you’ll have the freedom to customize your cars according to your preferences.

Alongside earning Car Points by leveling up the car, you’ll have the option to acquire Car Points using in-game Credits. This enables you to immediately install upgrades to your car if you have enough Credits. Alternatively, if you prefer to conserve your Credits, you can still acquire car parts through car leveling, just as you did previously. Make sure to read the blog for more details.