February 21, 2024

Last week, we wrote about Biden calling Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu a ‘bad f***ing guy’, and how the Press Secretary denied those allegations.

Well, now NBC News is saying Biden called Netanyahu an ‘a*****e’, and is mad the Prime Minister won’t listen to him on Gaza:

More from NBC:

President Joe Biden has been venting his frustration in recent private conversations, some of them with campaign donors, over his inability to persuade Israel to change its military tactics in the Gaza Strip, and he has named Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the primary obstacle, according to five people directly familiar with his comments.

Biden has said he is trying to get Israel to agree to a cease-fire, but Netanyahu is “giving him hell” and is impossible to deal with, said the people familiar with Biden’s comments, who all asked not to be named.

“He just feels like this is enough,” one of the people said of the views expressed by Biden. “It has to stop.”

Biden has in recent weeks spoken privately about Netanyahu, a leader he has known for decades, with a candor that has surprised some of those on the receiving end of his comments, people familiar with them said. His descriptions of his dealings with Netanyahu are peppered with contemptuous references to Netanyahu as “this guy,” these people said. And in at least three recent instances, Biden has called Netanyahu an “a*****e,” according to three of the people directly familiar with his comments.


This is a pattern.

So glad we’d get respected by the world for electing Biden.

Remember when Jill said decency was on the ballot? Is this what decency looks like?

This is just embarrassing.

More bad than good.

But he’s fine. The media assure us he’s fine.

What a campaign platform!

It’s not exactly breaking news that Biden’s had a temper.

Many of Trump’s critics do all of the things they accuse him of doing, and worse.

Projection 101.

Netanyahu should let Hamas run roughshod over Israel, apparently.

Shame on Biden.

Aligns with the Special Counsel report.


He’s already met with Mitterrand and Helmut Kohl, so why not Sharon?

This only makes it worse. They got back two hostages, and our president is mad about it.

It’s amazing, really.

Israel is our ally, and the only bastion of small-L liberalism and democracy in the Middle East, and Biden — in an election year attempt to not upset his anti-semetic, radical Left base — is damaging that relationship.

So glad the adults are back in charge.


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