May 20, 2024

We still have bookmarked the video RNC Research put together of 10 minutes of Democrats denying election results. In 2016, the election was “stolen” from Hillary Clinton after the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, which the media pursued for years. Never mind that her campaign’s law firm paid to have Christopher Steele put together the fake “dossier” — it didn’t work, so the election was still stolen. 

The 2016 election of Donald Trump was illegitimate. However, we must have fixed a lot of problems in four years, because CBS News White House correspondent Major Garrett wrote a book in 2022 called “The Big Truth,” which claimed that the 2020 presidential election was “the greatest success of American democracy in history.”

There’s no questioning the 2020 election. It just isn’t done. If you think there were some sketchy situations, you were deemed an “election denier” and banned from Jake Tapper’s show (which often features Stacey Abrams as a guest).

Fulton County, Georgia — where District Attorney Fani Willis calls home — is still investigating that flawless election, and the Georgia Election Board was just informed that more than 380,000 ballot images from the election are “not available.”

Q: Does Fulton County know why there are not 380,761 ballot images from election day?

A: As with the investigators we have not been apprised of this allegation. This is the first I’m hearing about it.

General counsel for the secretary of state’s office Charlene McGowan confirmed that Fulton County broke the law in their recount.

“Fulton County used improper procedures during the recount of the presidential contest in 2020.”

Despite this, the board refused to approve further investigation.


Huh. So maybe it wasn’t the greatest success of democracy in American history after all.

You can’t question it. You just can’t. President Trump did and they’ve tried to remove him from the ballot.

It’s like the origin of COVID-19. You just weren’t allowed to talk about it.

We’re intrigued. Keep in mind, though, that Trump was campaigning against both the Democrats and the mainstream media. Joe Biden, who won the most popular votes in history and has the lowest approval rating in history, campaigned from his basement and now looks like he’s going to try to do it again.