May 28, 2024

The deep state, which used to be a right-wing conspiracy theory, is getting a makeover. There is a deep state, and it’s made up of the millions of everyday workers who commute to D.C., sit at a desk, and keep the country running. Earlier this year, the New York Times put together a video claiming that the deep state is “actually kind of awesome.”

Slate sort of got the ball rolling in 2022 with its hope that the deep state runs very deep. We mean, look how many swamp bureaucrats did everything they could to undermine President Donald Trump’s administration.

It’s simply bureaucrats trying to uphold decency because, as you know, decency was on the ballot in 2020.

ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos apparently has a new book to sell, and he went on “The View” to very receptive hosts. Stephanopoulos seems to have gotten the memo: there is a deep state, and it’s just hard-working Americans keeping the country running every day. 

They serve the presidency, not the president. Yeah, they’re all totally neutral politically and would never text about having an “insurance policy” that, say, Donald Trump would never be president.


Yeah, we thought the word “patriot” was a red flag to the FBI.

Just another White House Democrat who seamlessly transitioned into the media, like Jen Psaki.

As we said above, the New York Times sort of kicked off that narrative earlier this year. 

Trump promised in his first term that he was going to drain the swamp, but he didn’t. Here’s hoping he’s elected in November and fires everybody as his first act as president. Clear out all the roaches and start fresh.