April 25, 2024

Social media has brought a common adage from the past back to the forefront: ‘Never meet your heroes.’ You used to have to find them to discover they are not usually who they appear to be in your favorite TV shows.

Now it’s simply a matter of opening Twitter …

Everyone’s favorite helmsman turns out to be an angry, vitriolic old man who appears to have joined the fascists instead of fighting them. 

He tried to drag the speaker of the house over his reaction to Biden’s walkback of his very own proclamation, which served in many ways to overshadow Easter Sunday. 

The problem? Most people of faith agreed with Speaker Johnson and weren’t afraid to tell George so.

Especially since the alphabet mafia has so many days set aside for them. 

Mindy, you should tell him how you really feel … 


Read that one again. 

Well said.

That did make it so much worse.

Truth bomb dropped.

Is it a paradox or a paradigm? The answer doesn’t matter. The damage has been done, and now America must decide how much longer the madness will continue.  


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