March 4, 2024

Moderator Sean Hannity said this was supposed to be a state vs. state debate, but Gov. Gavin Newsom wanted to talk up Bidenomics and the Biden administration. Newsom kicks off things by stating that neither of them will be their party’s nominee in 2024. 

Newsom’s pretending like he’s not on deck to replace Joe Biden on the ticket, but he’s spending a lot of his time praising Biden.

No, you’re there to talk about your record.

Newsom seems to think that all of the statistics brought up by both Hannity and Newsom are fake, beginning with the migration of people out of California and into Florida.


PolitiFact bravely said that Newsom was “mostly accurate”:

Newsom seemed a bit slippery on taxes as well:

Newsom sounds like he’s campaigning for Biden and failing terribly at it.

Newsom sure has a lot of statistics that don’t hold up.


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