April 25, 2024

As we reported, a lot of people on X were posting “Christ is king” during Holy Week leading up to the most sacred day on the Christian calendar, the Transgender Day of Visibility. Our own Fuzzy Chimp even wrote a VIP post titled, “Christ Is King,” so we guess that Twitchy is guilty of spewing “venom and hatred.”

Don’t be shocked, but New York Times conservative columnist David French was very disturbed by the “Christ is king” posts. It’s sort of like how “It’s OK to be white” came to be declared a white supremacist example of hate speech by the ADL.

French — who’s adopted Christian nationalism (another meaningless term) so that he can freelance for “conservative rage curator” Twitchy, French is not just the Times’ conservative voice; he’s the voice of Christianity as well, and he’s not afraid to tell the rest of us when our Christianity doesn’t live up to his standard. Just look at that “Christ is king” trend — it’s specifically aimed to assert religious dominance in a very gross and ugly way.”

Of course, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski ate it up and made it all about Donald Trump’s version of Christianity “leaking” in real Christianity, which only French can decide.

What’s a straight, white, conservative cis man doing in the Times newsroom anyway?

So if we understand this, declaring your faith on social media is a remarkable display of venom and hatred.


And yes, it’s conservative Republicans who are leading pro-Hamas marches in the streets and setting themselves on fire because they hate the Jews so much.

But posting is just “trolling your enemies.”

There’s a French way to be a Christian and then there’s a Trump way to be a Christian, which is not really Christian at all. Just as with Rob Reiner, everything ties back to Trump with French.

It’s not French who’s changed, it’s Christianity, and for the worse. Evangelicals shame him for being evangelicals, what with all their venom and hatred.


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