April 25, 2024

On Monday, several aid workers with the World Central Kitchen were killed in Gaza, by Israeli strikes. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the event a ‘tragic case of our forces unintentionally hitting innocent people.’ The outrage was swift and directed at Israel, who is investigating the strike.

President Biden, who is feeling the heat over his support of Israel in the ongoing war with Hamas, issued a lengthy statement condemning the tragedy.

Guy Benson noticed something very interesting, though.

Compare and contrast.

Not really. The media insist Biden handled the debacle that was the Afghanistan withdrawal perfectly.


But he did arrest one of their fathers.

Yes, it is.

Astonishing, but not surprising. At all.

We remember this, too,

Neither do we.

Nailed it.

Very ugly.

It’s (D)ifferent when they do it.

As usual.

Very potent.

Yes, and the Left are masters of it.


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