April 25, 2024

New York’s Kathy Hochul earned herself a nice ratio by lashing out at a well-run state with a competent governor, something she’s unfamiliar with.

We understand Kathy’s interest in distracting the public gaze from the absolute dumpster fire she’s presiding over in her state. Residents have had enough of the illegal immigration problem, and most recently the country watched the funeral of a young police officer, a husband and father, who was murdered by a career criminal with 21 prior arrests.

The last phrase that comes to mind these days when you think of New York is ‘safe harbor’.

Twitter/X users quickly called out The Empire State’s governor.

Hochul knows she’s failing New York and is hoping sticking her nose in Florida’s business to signal to the pro-abortion crowd will earn her some goodwill with disaffected Democrats.

What a message: ‘Hey, come on up to New York. We can’t guarantee your safety, but we can guarantee you can dispatch your unborn baby!’


It’s vile. Abortion extremists like Hochul have painted pro-lifers as extreme for decades, but the tide may be turning.

Hochul seems more motivated by appearances than anything else.

Exactly. In a time when leftists are obsessed with ‘sanctuary cities’ it’s nice to know there are still some places where the womb is a sanctuary of safety for preborn babies. 

Even among those on the right, there has been some discussion over what abortion bans should look like.

Six-week bans are not a terrible idea or a mistake for those of us who view abortion as the civil rights issue of our time. It’s up to us to push back against the Kathy Hochuls and to convince those on the right who are squishy on abortion (whom we agree with on most other issues) that it is almost never an acceptable solution.

Stay out of Florida’s politics, Kathy Hochul. You’re not wanted there and hopefully, you won’t be wanted in New York much longer.


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