May 20, 2024

As we recently reported, the hunger strikes for Hamas at Princeton have turned into “rotary” hunger strikes, meaning when the first group of protesters gets hungry enough, they’re replaced by new protesters. Even members of the Princeton faculty joined the students in solidarity, pledging to take their own 24-hour hunger strikes.

One of the hunger strikers’ demands is that students be given amnesty and have their suspensions (and arrest records) expunged, because, after all, those won’t look good during their job search.

It appears that Princeton has caved on that demand, announcing a “restorative justice” program that will “rapidly conclude the University disciplinary process, making it possible for the students to join Commencement and receive their degrees along with their classmates” — useless degrees they’ll probably rip up in protest. Maybe don’t set up a pro-terrorist tent city on campus the week before graduation.


Meanwhile, Harvard is going to “retract” the suspensions.

Northwestern and the University of Chicago have both agreed to create faculty positions for “at-risk” Palestinian academics and give full scholarships to Palestinian students.

Meanwhile, Jewish students were physically barred from campus by student protesters, but it’s OK because they’re just Jews.