February 21, 2024

After President Biden’s press conference Thursday evening following the release of the Hur report that described how Biden had kept classified documents in his garage (and elsewhere) but wouldn’t be prosecuted because of his diminished mental capacity, many Dems and select media types rushed to his defense. 

Biden’s press conference was a disaster, and Paul Begala was one of the rare Democrats who was willing to admit it:

And guess what — the Biden White House seems to agree with Begala. Team Biden certainly wouldn’t mind if nobody else watched that press conference and clips from it certainly won’t be appearing in any pro-Biden ads this election season. 

Well, would you look at that — they’re censoring themselves for a change!

Indicator number two that the White House knows that the presser was nothing short of a dumpster fire:


In fairness, it looks like the White House keeps the comments off for most of their YouTube videos, and it’s hard to blame them considering how things are going. 

This is the 12 minutes worth of Biden making points that are the opposite of what was intended:

This wouldn’t be the White House’s first time working to salvage a video:

More than 80 million votes, y’all!


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