May 24, 2024

Hillary Clinton pops up on occasion to remind us she’s still a thing (in her own mind, at least) and why voters soundly rejected her in 2016.

The woman who still thinks Russia stole the election for Trump also can’t ‘get over’ Trump trying to cut a deal with oil executives, but X users had no problem setting her straight.

Oh, get over it.

She should.

Thank goodness it’s not the Clinton White House.

No, she’s not. And she never will be.



Yes, Haiti is on the phone.

Yes, how is not using taxpayer money to pay off student loans also not a bribe for votes?

It is.

And that would be okay.

Yes it is a scam.

Choose wisely.

Nailed it.

Remember all those things she did? We do.

He lives in so many heads rent-free.

Yeah, it kinda does.

No lies detected.

‘Not over Trump’ will be the epitaph on Clinton’s tombstone.