March 2, 2024

She’s running! Just kidding, but Hillary can’t quite bring herself to toe the line entirely when it comes to the Democrats’ recent attempts to cover for Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

The 76-year-old Clinton declared that age was a ‘legitimate issue’ for both the 81-year-old president and 77-year-old Donald Trump.

You won’t hear us say this often, but she’s right.

Anything that voters are concerned about is a legitimate issue, and it’s up to candidates and their teams to convince voters that they need not be concerned.

To be clear, it’s not age as much as Biden’s continual stream of confusion about people and places, forgetting names, inability to navigate stages, and forgetting basic facts about people … such as whether they’re alive or dead.

We bet it infuriates Hillary that her coronation was interrupted by the Orange Man and now she has to watch Pudding Pop wander around the White House grounds.

Hillary’s been in the game long enough to have avoided giving the media this headline sound bite, but she chose not to.


We love it.

The headline sparked immediate thoughts of the former presidential candidate angling for one more try. After all, it went so well last time.

You know she’s at least considered hobbling back into the fray if Biden is forced to bow out.

We don’t think we’ll have to endure that horror again but never say never.

Bye, Joe!

The headline is worse than what Clinton actually said, but again, she knows how the media works.

This is the stuff of nightmares.

Ha! It’s never a bad time for the classics.

Frankly, one of the easiest targets to ever enter Hillary’s crosshairs.

This should be fun to watch. The reality is Biden has been in D.C. for half a century and has been coveting the power of the presidency for decades.

He’s not going to go lightly. If there’s a legitimate attempt by Democrats to push him out … well … get your popcorn ready.


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