May 24, 2024

There’s another presidential election coming up in November, and Hillary Clinton remains angry and bitter about what happened in 2016 and continues to transfer that rage to the current race.

With the border open and the economy pretty crappy, the Democrats are left with warnings about abortion. Clinton had this request for “friends in battleground states” to help spread a narrative: 

Hey, maybe Hillary should have voters in battleground states first remind their friends who was the horrible Democrat candidate Trump ran against that helped put him in the White House in the first place! Especially if those voters are in Wisconsin — a battleground state Clinton took for granted in 2016.

Besides, the correct answer to who sent that issue back to the states is “The Founding Fathers.”


As usual, Hillary’s so convinced most people agree with her that she shut down the replies the same way she tried to shut down women with accusations about her husband.

Maybe Hillary should run for president again, except this time not visit Wisconsin and promise to put coal country out of work to “save Roe v. Wade.” Oh wait, she already tried that.