March 2, 2024

After the special counsel’s report dropped on Thursday showing that Joe Biden broke the law by irresponsibly storing classified documents but wouldn’t be charged due to his described senility (for lack of a better word), the White House spin machine sprung into action. 

Instead of waiting a while to figure out how to best respond, the White House decided it would be best for Biden to deliver an “I’m mentally fit” address, and it ended up being a disaster. 

File this part under “Y” for “YIKES”:

If this was the White House’s attempt to prove that Biden’s mentally fit, they failed big time: 


Yep, all is well!

Naturally Biden having mangled boxes containing classified documents in a garage where his drug-addicted son was living while dealing with overseas business partners was the fault of somebody else:

Biden also tried to prove his mental fitness by taking another shot at Fox News’ Peter Doocy:

The White House did themselves no favors with this self-defeating show.

Biden insisted he didn’t share classified information, which is of course a lie (like everything else he says):

Biden’s not happy that things are turning:

In a word…

Yep. Jonathan Turley closes it out:

Team Biden is stuck between two narratives at this point: A) He’s mentally incompetent and didn’t know what he was doing, or B) He’s mentally fit and should be charged with crimes.



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