May 24, 2024

Last Labor Day, for example, Biden gave a speech touting his infrastructure progress and mocking Trump’s failure to accomplish anything. As Steve Benen noted at the time, they had a ready-made explanation over at Fox. Brian Kilmeade said that Trump couldn’t pass infrastructure because every time he got close, “some other fake Russian lead would pop up and distract everybody.” Guest Marco Rubio agreed and placed added blame on the pandemic—which only began in the last year of Trump’s presidency—because “local authorities across the country were prohibiting people from working.”

As for the mainstream, “liberal” media, they’ll report on these things, but they’ll usually do so in a way that gives plenty of space to views from Republicans like Rubio. Read, for example, this Associated Press report on Biden’s Wisconsin visit. Its first half is largely positive toward Biden. But then it quotes RNC Chair Michael Whatley and the Wisconsin House Republican in whose district the event occurred and describes what Trump was up to that day. 

Yes, the AP, and all mainstream journalism, is supposed to be balanced. But it’s also supposed to be accurate. Whatley was quoted as saying, in part, that “manufacturing has stalled, and family farms are shuttering,” as if these things are Biden’s fault. Actually, manufacturing jobs are higher under Biden than Trump, which it took me about four seconds to ascertain. And while the family farm is in decline, it has been for many years: There are a lot of reasons for this, several of them centered around the lobbying power of corporate agribusiness.