April 23, 2024

There’s nothing more frustrating than jumping onto your console to play a game, only to be met by an issue. That’s what’s happening to EA FC 24 fans, who are encountering an error that reads: “Connecting to Ultimate Team is not possible at the moment.” Here’s what to do.

Ultimate Team is an online-only mode, which means that when there is an error with either their network or yours, you won’t be able to play the game. This is incredibly frustrating, so we’ve put together every possible fix we have found to give you the best chance of fixing it.

Constantly being met by errors will quickly get into your head. Image via EA Sports

Check EA FC 24‘s server status

First thing first, you should check to see if the problem is on EA’s end so that you don’t waste time trying to fix an issue on your console that doesn’t actually exist.

The developer will often tweet out any issues from their EA FC Direct Communication account on X to let people be aware of any issues. You can also use a website like Downdetector to see if other players are reporting issues with EA servers.

If the issue is on EA, then the bad news is that there’s not much you can do but sit and wait to see if they fix it.

Restart your console and EA FC 24

This may sound like a simple answer, but having studied IT at college, I can promise you, it’s often the best answer. Turn your console off, restart it, and try to get into Ultimate Team again. You will be surprised how often this works.

Check your network connection

If turning your console off didn’t work, then the next step you should take is to check your network settings. This process is different between Xbox and PlayStation, so we’ve included steps for both.


  1. Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  2. From the guide, select “Profile & System.”
  3. Go to Settings, then General, then Network Settings.
  4. Select “Test network connection.”


  • From the console’s main menu, select Settings.
  • Select “Network.”
  • Select “Test Internet Connection.”

If these tests reveal that your console is not connected to the internet, then it may indicate an issue with your ISP, your router, or your connection to it.

While there’s no surefire fix for this issue, these may help you at least figure out who’s end the problem is on, and could get you back into the game.