May 23, 2024

—In multiple states, Republicans have passed laws allowing them to manipulate and change the location of polling places; criminalize voter registration drives; replace Democratic and nonpartisan election officials with partisan GOP hacks; and, in Georgia and Arizona, throw out ballots from entire precincts. As Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt noted for The Atlantic: “Throwing out thousands of ballots in rival strongholds may be profoundly antidemocratic, but it is technically legal, and Republicans in several states now have a powerful stick with which to enforce such practices.”

—Typically, when politicians engage in nakedly deceptive politicking or election theft, they’re outed in the press and punished at the polls. Since 2020, however, Republicans have rewarded their politicians who tell lies and engage in underhanded tactics, suggesting there will be no limits to what the Trump campaign might do or say in the weeks leading up to the election, including the use of deepfakes and artificial intelligence.

—Saudi Arabia and Russia—both allies of Trump—have cut oil production by over 1.4 million barrels a day to drive up gasoline prices leading up to this November, just like they did in a dress rehearsal during the fall of 2022. History shows that gas prices spiking over $5 or even $6 a gallon will have a measurable impact on inflation and thus the election.