February 21, 2024

Ali belongs to Hyderabad and moved to the US nearly six months ago to pursue his masters. (Representative image)

An Indian IT student was assaulted by unidentified men in the US city of Chicago on Sunday. The incident comes to light amid the concerns of rising incidents of fatal attacks on Indian students and Indian-American students in the US recently.

In the latest attack, Syed Mazahir Ali was chased by three people near his house. He shared a video of the incident on the social media platform ‘X’ (formerly Twitter), in which he is seen with a bloodied nose and face and blood stains on his clothes.

The authorities are investigating the incident. The Indian consulate in Chicago is also in touch with the officials over the attack.

Ali moved to the US six months ago

Ali belongs to Hyderabad and moved to the US nearly six months ago to pursue his masters. His wife in India, Syeda Ruquiya Fatima Razvi, also reached out to the Centre over the incident. She requested assistance to travel to the US along with three minor children.

According to Ali’s account, he was punched by the men in the eye and was hit on the face, ribs and back. The ABC7 report said he was taken to a local hospital where he was treated for several cuts and bruises.

Four Indian-Americans found dead in January

In January, four Indian-Americans were found dead in the US, raising concerns among Indians over the safety of people of Indian-Americans in the foreign nation.

About 4 million Indian-Americans live in the US.

Last week, two cases emerged where two Indian-Americans, 19-year-old Shreyas Reddy Benigeri and another student, Neel Acharya, were found dead in Ohio and Indiana, respectively. 

The cases are being investigated, however, the authorities have ruled out foul play according to the initial information available.

On January 16, 25-year-old Vivek Saini, was fatally attacked in Georgia by a homeless drug addict. In another case, Akul B Dhawan, an 18-year-old was found dead last month with signs of hypothermia in Illinois.

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First Published: Feb 07 2024 | 12:36 PM IST