March 4, 2024

Long-time Twitchy readers by now are likely very familiar with Ian McKelvey. He is a Twitchy favorite for his epic threads on topics the left doesn’t like to discuss, like showing the historical connections between antisemitism and Marxism or what the REAL rampant racism problem is in America’s educational institutions. McKelvey always brings receipts and does an excellent job of turning leftist narratives on their heads. 

With the media and Democrats in full damage control mode over Joe Biden’s cognitive deterioration after Special Counsel Robert Hur pointed it out, they have reached back into their playbook to pull out the old ‘It’s just a stutter,’ lie to explain Biden’s constant brain freezes (and worse). Twitchy’s @PolitiBunny wrote earlier about how this excuse is actually an insult to those who DO struggle with a stutter (not that Democrats care about that), not to mention the fact that the excuse is just not true.

Last night, McKelvey had just about enough of the stutter excuses and decided to show a collection of Biden clips demonstrating the visible and obvious mental decline of the president. He built on his tweet late last week, showing the corner that Hur’s report had placed the Biden administration into.

In a series of replies to this tweet, McKelvey collected and laid out the evidence for everyone to see. We’ll show some of them here, but there are a lot more in the thread than what’s in this article if you want to check them out for yourself … or bookmark the thread for the next time the media lies about what is afflicting Biden.

As we all know, this goes back to when Biden was just running for President. 


Weird. That doesn’t look like a ‘stutter’ to us. 

‘You know … the thing.’ An embarrassing clip that will live forever in infamy. 

Yet another one of Biden’s 2020 campaign greatest hits. Slurring words is not a stutter. 

But it just got SO much worse once Biden actually became president. 

Maybe instead of issuing indignant statements about Beau Biden, ‘Doctor’ Jill Biden should be more concerned that her husband can’t remember the name of the church where the rosary came from.

Just casually wandering off into nowhere. He has done the same thing on the White Hosue lawn, to the befuddlement of the Secret Service (oh, the books those guys will write someday). 

It’s not the fact that this individual’s name might be difficult to pronounce. We get that and it’s understandable. No, the problem is the way his brain completely shuts off during his attempt to say it.

Uhh …WUT? 

You know, just trailing off and having a little snooze in front of the fire. And in front of an entire press corps. As one does.

And, of course, there is this …

Do his feet have a stutter too? 

Finally, there was this tweet with a full eight-minute clip from David Gray showing so many Biden brain freezes, wandering around a stage like a lost Roomba (credit to comedian Tim Dillon for that one), forgetting names of countries or world leaders, or otherwise making a mockery of the office of the President of the United States. 

The theme song from The Incredible Hulk’ throughout that clip is just chef’s kiss perfection. 

Were there some stutters in there? Sure. We’d even be willing to go so far as to say that Biden DOES have a bit of a stutter. But that’s not the central problem, and it’s obvious to anyone with eyes and ears. The problem is, his brain simply does not function at 100%. And it affects everything from his words to his walk to his general confusion. 

It’s also very interesting that all the people who claim ‘it’s just a stutter,’ cannot provide examples of this fugue state Biden now lives in from earlier in his career. Joe Biden has been in politics his entire adult life, since the early 1970s. He’s never done anything else. You would think that with this 50-year public history, instances of his problematic stutter would abound. 

But there aren’t any. There are plenty of examples of him saying dumb things, or of lying, but not of that. Because it’s not a stutter. It’s senility.

And they want us to think that America can withstand four more years of that. 


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