April 25, 2024

There are a lot of Democrats who’ve really been convinced that if Donald Trump wins re-election in 2024, it will be the last election the United States has. Trump will declare himself a military dictator and put tanks in the streets. The White House has said that “the end of democracy” is going to be one of the pillars of President Joe Biden’s campaign.

Those conserving conservatism at The Bulwark seem to be getting nervous, because they’re entertaining the idea of a second Trump term. But that won’t be enough for him. He’ll want a third term in 2028, and he’ll probably get it too after “packing” the Supreme Court with loyal justices.


Contrary to your belief, there is a large number of us Republicans who would NEVER support a third term. FFS, I didn’t want him as our nominee this time.

So quit with the freaking fear mongering, take off the tinfoil hat, go out and touch some grass. The TDS is eating your brain, proglodyte.

Regardless of what you think of MAGA and the current state of the GOP, there is nothing to suggest that the Supreme Court “will let him.” Silly.

We were assured that it was going to take the military to remove Trump from the Oval Office if he lost in 2020.


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