December 1, 2023

As Twitchy reported, Rep. Ilhan posted photos of her meeting with her constituent, Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg, who had on a COVID mask that conveniently covered her beard. Rosenberg got some press when she heckled President Joe Biden: “Mr. President, if you care about Jewish people, as a rabbi, I need you to call for a ceasefire right now.”

That got Rosenberg written up in Newsweek, and now she’s making the media rounds with a stop on “CBS This Morning.” (The tweets say CNN, but it’s actually CBS — CNN did pick up the story, though.) It’s no surprise who’s getting all the attention.

Newsweek said she was ordained in 2018 — by whom we don’t know.


But don’t you understand? This is a rabbi calling for a ceasefire so that Hamas can regroup and maybe move some hostages around.


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