April 25, 2024

Images and videos are surfacing across Twitter/X purporting to be from the earthquakes that rocked Tawain and resulted in a tsunami warning in Japan.

Note: We have not independently verified these images or videos, but have selected those which are being widely shared across Twitter/X and appear to be legitimate. There are already fakes being trafficked across the site, which is expected in these situations. We will update this article to correct any inaccuracies, if necessary.

Preliminary reports indicate the quake occurred around 8:00 am in Tawain and registered somewhere between 7.4 and 7.5.

Various videos claim to show disruption to Taiwanese commuters.

The power of the quake is evident in various videos that claim to be from the event.


Japan is bracing for a possible tsunami.

There is also reportedly major damage to some structures and landslides throughout the region.

Then, there’s this lady.

Talk about commitment to getting the job done. Wow.

Prayers for the safety of the people of Taiwan.


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