May 28, 2024

Weather experts predicted that an aurora caused by this weekend’s solar geothermal storm would be visible as far south as Northern California and Alabama in the United States and throughout Europe, and they weren’t wrong. They were visible even in Southern California and Arizona and Florida, and they were spectacular.

The first photos I saw Friday night were from people in the UK and Australia.

Then the show moved to the east coast of the United States.

We usually see the aurora’s lights illuminating icy harbors or snow-capped mountains. They do look very pretty behind palm trees, too.

This time lapse video from the Sacramento area is stunning. 

There was too much cloud cover at my house to see them, but photographers who went out to the desert or high enough in the mountains were able to get some great views.

The solar geothermal storm is ongoing.

If you missed it Friday night, you may have another chance Saturday depending on where you live and how much cloud cover and light pollution is nearby.