March 4, 2024

IndiGo Passengers singing bhajans

A video showing IndiGo travellers participating in a devotional performance, singing a famous bhajan and playing the dholak while on board a completely occupied flight has gone viral on social media. The recording, whose date remains unspecified, surfaced on ‘X ‘, roughly fourteen days after the inauguration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.
In the video, an IndiGo passenger can be seen deftly playing the dholak while delivering the revered bhajan “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram.” The other passengers join the person and sing in rhythm along with him, while some of them continue to stay silently in their places.


IndiGo Passengers singing bhajans: Insights

Since it went viral, the video has got over 770K views on the previously mentioned social media platform, where it was uploaded on Tuesday. While many complimented the showcase of dedication mid-flight, a section of online users contemplated whether such singing bhajans inside an aircraft could upset individual travellers.

In the meantime, details about the location of the Indigo flight stay undisclosed. However, since the Ram Mandir’s inauguration on January 22, connectivity to Ayodhya has significantly increased.

The same passion connected with Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir was seen among devotees on January 11, during the maiden trip to Ayodhya. At the Ahmedabad airport, people dressed as Lord Ram and Hanuman gathered to board the IndiGo flight.

Netizens reactions on ‘IndiGo Passengers singing bhajans’

One user wrote, “Ok. This is a bit much. This should not be allowed. Public nuisance nahin hona chahiye. Everything has a time and place”. 

Another said politely, “Just an advise: This can be dangerous as well. I would appreciate if these people worship Shree Ram once their flight lands. People should avoid doing anything that may cause distraction during a flight. You may disturb others as well…There might be someone on the plane who is tired and wants to relax, we should also take care of these things.”

The third bluntly said, “Hey @IndiGo6E are you running an airline or the second compartment from the engine of a Virar Fast local kalyan fast local ?”

First Published: Feb 07 2024 | 4:34 PM IST