February 21, 2024

We’ve seen some vile antisemitism invade the world of international sports in recent months since October 7. The International Ice Hockey Federation tried to ban the Israeli men’s and women’s hockey teams from competition, citing ‘safety concerns.’ (Fortunately, under pressure from many hockey players, the NHL, the NHL Player’s Association, and USA Hockey, the IIHF lifted the ban.) 

Also citing the very same ‘safety concerns, Cricket South Africa stripped rising star David Teeger of his team captaincy, simply for the fact that he is Jewish and supports Israel’s right to exist.

But the Irish women’s basketball team might have lowered the antisemitism bar even further yesterday, when the entire team refused to shake hands with their opponents — the Israel women’s team — before a EuroBasket qualifying game in Riga, Latvia. 

Thankfully, it seems that karma has a sense of humor, as Israel proceeded to demolish Ireland in the game, 87-57. 

‘In a further act of solidarity with Palestinians…’ LOL. Well played, Eli David. 

As Dave Chappelle once said, ‘You hate to see it. But, more than that, you LOVE to see it.’

Ireland claims that the team’s refusal to participate in the customary pre-game handshake or exchange of gifts was due to accusations from Israeli player Dor Saar, who publicly stated that the Irish team was ‘quite antisemitic.’

Way to prove her wrong, Ireland. Way to prove her wrong. 

In addition, Saar only made the statement in response to an official protest by Basketball Ireland: 


Her comments, published on Tuesday on the Israeli Basketball Federation’s website, followed a statement last month by Basketball Ireland in which it said it had ‘raised strong concerns about these fixtures with Israel, including the option not to play the games’ in light of the response to the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks there.

Whew, boy. Conor McGregor can’t take over control of Ireland soon enough.

Israel was already up by 20 points at halftime. That probably would have been a good time for Ireland to call for a ‘ceasefire.’

Saar got her personal karmic retribution too, as she ended the game as one of four Israeli players who scored in double figures. 

We’ll be honest here. This is a tidbit of World War II history that this writer did not know. But the Irish PM Éamon de Valera indeed sent condolences to German Minister Eduard Hempel in 1945 upon hearing of Hitler’s suicide.

Yikes, Ireland. Big yikes.

HA. We see what he did there.

We’ll let Saar address that one herself: 

‘We have to show that we’re better than them and win. We talk about it among ourselves, We know they don’t like us and we will leave everything on the field always and in this game especially.’

 Yeah, we’re betting Israel was pretty motivated. 

It does bring a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Or maybe a little more than a smile …

That sums it up pretty well, Ricky Gervais. We’ll let you have the last word on this one. 

Or, maybe not quite the last word. This game was in a qualifying round for EuroBasket, so Israel and Ireland will play each other again in November. 

We hope Israel wins that one by 40. 


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