May 28, 2024

Last month, the New York Post reported that “more than 60,000 Democratic Pennsylvania voters didn’t vote for Joe Biden in the battleground state’s presidential primary this week, opting to return ballots with a write-in candidate.” Instead, they wrote in “Uncommitted” against “Genocide Joe” Biden’s failure to get Israeli troops to retreat. Biden’s doing what he can to appease both sides; he’s sending aid to Israel while also sending in U.S. troops to build a pier to unload humanitarian relief from aid ships.

Rick Perlstein finds it “stressful and sad” that this is happening during an election year. So is Biden.

The stakes are high. We mean, extermination of the human race high.

As we reported, Jake Sullivan just told the press today that no president has stood stronger for Israel than Biden. These campus radicals aren’t going to vote for that. But Trump’s re-election would be “worse than genocide.” We thought climate change could be responsible for species extinction, but it turns out it’s Trump.


It was someone real … whose hatred of Jews clouded the possible effect on the U.S. election.

People in the replies are actually angry with Perlstein for framing October 7 as “a massive Palestinian terrorist attack.”

Why can’t we get back to where everyone hated white Christian nationalists and bonded over it?