May 20, 2024

Now, first, we aren’t talking about proper, American football, but the sport civilized countries call soccer. Or as James Taranto called it: ‘Metric football.’

Jokes aside, the English Twitter/X account called simply ‘Pride’ posted this early this morning (Eastern Time):

We’re thankful to them for explaining that he was ‘openly transgender.’ We’re pretty sure we never would have grokked that one without their help. *eye roll*

Also, how much choice did he have in deciding to be openly transgender? Did anyone think he could have tricked people into thinking he was an actual woman?

In any case, J.K. Rowling decided to mock them as only she could:

Naturally, there were reactions:

We don’t want to know about that.


The pic is cut off on our browser, so if you have trouble reading it, it is a fake Dr. Seuss book entitled ‘If you’re born with a d—k you’re not a chick.’

That was kind of her point.

To be fair, he has fake mammaries and we’re pretty sure that is a wig. So he’s trying, just not very hard.

Of course, ‘she’ is a lesbian.

That would be a soccer term for accidentally kicking the ball into your team’s goal.

Hey, that is a wig and fake bewbs!

Of course, Rowling also got leftist pushback:


Contemplate what her point might be a little longer.

Finally, we get this: