May 28, 2024

Here’s another one from the parade of clowns in the White House briefing room. On deck was National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, whom President Joe Biden had sent to Israel to request that Benjamin Netanyahu “tone it down a bit” in Gaza, and to wrap things up in a matter of weeks, not months — it’s an election year, after all. And then when Israel started to move in on the Hamas stronghold of Rafah to finish the job, Biden went on CNN and said that the U.S. would be cutting off military aid if the IDF moved on Rafah. 

And that wasn’t even the worst of it: the Washington Post reported that the U.S. had promised to provide Israel with critical intel if it would stay out of Rafah. 

The Biden administration says it can give intel on terrorist tunnels on the condition that Israel does not make a military strike on Rafah. So we have intel that we’re not sharing and instead using as a bargaining chip? Sounds impeachable.

Anyway, back to the briefing room, where Sullivan claimed that Biden has stood stronger with Israel than any president.

Really. He likely only approved the latest aid package to Israel because it was tied to a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine.


Biden did stand strong for Israel in the weeks after October 7, and we wrote posts praising him for it. But too many young voters are calling him “Genocide Joe.” Sen. John Fetterman has stood stronger with Israel than Biden ever did.

Last month, when Iran launched a barrage of missiles and drones at Israel, Biden shook it off as most of them were intercepted. Reuters reported that the Biden administration knew about the attack in advance and told Iran through Turkey that an attack would have to be “within certain limits.”

Biden did stand strong with Israel when it was popular. Now he’s withholding offensive military aid, intel, and who knows what else to encourage Israel to call it a day and withdraw.