May 24, 2024

So, President Joe Biden puts out a 13-second video challenging Donald Trump to a debate, Trump accepts, and CNN already has it scheduled for June 27. There won’t be an audience … that was one of the Biden camp’s demands. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will also be absent, per Biden’s demands — which works out, because co-moderator Jake Tapper has said he would NOT host a town hall with Kennedy because of his lies about vaccines. 

Tapper’s co-moderator will be Dana Bash … this Dana Bash:

Well, this will give her the opportunity, then.

This should be interesting considering Tapper’s hatred of “election deniers” (like frequent guest Stacy Abrams) … he recently hosted several writers for The Atlantic who contributed to the special issue comprising 24 essays about the dangers of a second Trump term. But these were Biden’s terms: It had to be a friendly outlet; either ABC, CBS, CNN, or Telemundo. 

You can guarantee Tapper’s first question of Trump will be, “Do you believe Joe Biden won the 2020 election?” Bet on it.


Oh, and Trump’s mic will be cut off while Biden is speaking. There’s even a gag order on the debate.

Tapper agreed to Trump?

Here’s an idea:

There’s not one favorable condition for Trump in this scenario — it will be Trump vs. the moderators while Biden stands and lies with impunity.