April 23, 2024
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has expanded his real estate portfolio by purchasing a third mansion, valued at $90 million, in Florida’s Indian Creek Island, according to Bloomberg. This acquisition in a place known as the ‘Billionaire Bunker’ brings Bezos’s total expenditure in the locality to $237 million.

Bezos procured two other mansions on Indian Creek Island last year, coinciding with his engagement to Lauren Sanchez. In June, he acquired a property for $68 million, followed by another purchase in October amounting to $79 million.

The newest six-bedroom mansion spans 12,135 square feet and is situated at a waterfront location, complemented by a sprawling front lawn and an outdoor pool.

In November 2023, Bezos announced he was relocating from Seattle to Miami, saying he wanted to be near his family and loved the city. The move also promised substantial tax savings due to Florida’s favourable regulations for billionaires. Bezos, whose net worth is more than $200 billion and who was recently ranked third in Forbes’ billionaire list, expressed his fondness for Miami, a city he has called home since founding Amazon in 1994.

What is the Billionaire Bunker?

Indian Creek Island stands as a symbol of exclusivity and security, accessible solely via a guarded bridge and patrolled by a private police force around the clock. The island’s elite residents, comprising celebrities and business magnates, enjoy amenities including a country club and a private 18-hole golf course. With a median house price of $29.5 million, Indian Creek Island has earned its reputation as the ‘world’s most exclusive municipality’ and the nickname ‘Billionaire Bunker’.

Other residents on this island, which encompasses only 41 properties, include Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the daughter of former US president Donald Trump and her husband, American football superstar Tom Brady, and investor Carl Icahn.

Bezos’s real estate portfolio, estimated at over $600 million, spans across prominent locations including New York, Washington D.C., Beverly Hills, and West Texas, with a recent addition of a private estate in Hawaii acquired in 2022 for approximately $78 million.

First Published: Apr 04 2024 | 12:36 PM IST