May 23, 2024

You’re not going to believe this, but President Joe Biden brought up his late son Beau Wednesday at the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service. In this version, though, Beau didn’t die in Iraq, but he probably developed cancel from working around the burn pits.

Have we noted that the president has lied repeatedly about his son dying in Iraq? We guess that didn’t pander to this audience, so Beau made it home in this version.

Just last month, Biden made a stop in Syracuse, New York to speak to an audience of police officers and likened Beau’s death to that of a cop working the beat.

No, Beau was not a cop and you did not get one of those phone calls.

Here’s Biden Wednesday:


If it had been a military audience, you bet that Beau would have died in Iraq, but in the version of the story he made it home.

This is also the guy who believes multiple police officers were killed on January 6.