April 23, 2024

Joe Biden’s old man mouth got the best of him again. According to a new report, while being confronted at a Ramadan event by a pro-Hamas supporter, the president revealed that his wife has been seething behind the scenes and demanding that her husband “Stop it, stop it now” concerning Israel’s war against Hamas. 

Mr. Biden replied that he understood. The first lady, he said, had been urging him to “Stop it, stop it now,” according to an attendee who heard his remarks.

Salima Suswell, the founder of the Black Muslim Leadership Council, recounted the scene in an interview, adding that she had scribbled down the president’s statements because it was so striking to hear that the first lady felt strongly about the conflict.

“He said she said, ‘Stop it, stop it now, Joe,’” Ms. Suswell said.

The White House immediately tried to clean up Biden’s statement, claiming that Jill Biden’s position was not a departure from the administration’s stated policy and did not represent a call for Israel to end hostilities against Hamas. Instead, they claim she was only calling for an end to civilian casualties, citing a recent attack that killed several aid workers. 

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How do you end all civilian casualties without ending the war and allowing Hamas to survive? The answer is that you can’t, as demonstrated by over 20 years of America’s war on terror. No matter how careful a military is, civilian casualties will occur. So despite the White House comms department’s spin, when Jill Biden says “Stop it, stop it now,” she is pretty clearly stumping for an outcome that would benefit the Palestinian terrorists and maintain the status quo that led to the October 7th attacks. 

Her intrusion into the issue isn’t surprising given her outsized influence within the administration nor is the arrogance with which she carries herself. How exactly can Joe Biden “Stop it, stop it now?” Israelis get to decide how to propagate the war against the enemy that attacked their country. Joe Biden has no say in it, and to be frank, Jill Biden’s opinion on the matter is worth absolutely nothing. She was not elected to any office, and her emotional outbursts are irrelevant. 

One can only imagine how much more chaotic and contradictory the White House response to the Israel-Hamas conflict is going to become now that Jill Biden is involved. There was already desperation among Biden’s handlers to shore up support among the radical pro-Hamas elements, and he now has his wife breathing down his neck.

That begs the question, does Jill Biden really care about the situation in Gaza or is she just concerned she might lose her all-expenses-paid pass to the upper echelons of society this November? The president’s wife is nothing if she isn’t nakedly ambitious and fame-hungry. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if her turn against Israel was dictated not by empathy but by politics. She doesn’t want to lose her golden ticket, and if that means tossing an ally under the bus and helping terrorists, then so be it.

Regardless, none of this should matter. Israel has to do what it has to do, and that means destroying Hamas once and for all. Jill Biden should be left to shout at the sky about it.