April 25, 2024

No. No, no, no, no, nope, nein, nyet, no. Just … NO.

… sigh …

We’re getting pretty tired of all the creepy things that Joe Biden says and does. And we SO wish the latest example of his pure cringe yesterday was an April Fool’s Day joke. Sadly, it was not.

Talking with NBC’s Al Roker on April 1 (we’re glad that NBC — the bastion of ‘honest journalists’ that it is — brought out the big guns for an interview with the President), Biden was asked what his favorite memory was of being in the White House. 

If his answer to that question doesn’t make you die of cringe, just give it a second. It will. 

The relevant portion begins at about the 3:50 mark of the video below. But feel free to listen to the whole thing to see how incoherent Biden was during this interview. 

For a man who sniffs (and chews on) little kids like there’s no tomorrow — not to mention his stories of kids in the pool grabbing his leg hairs like he was Emperor Tiberius or something — this is just so horrible. 

But wait … it gets worse. 

Biden FIRST answered the question saying that it was his KIDS jumping into bed with him. We have to wonder if that includes daughter Ashley, whose diary told harrowing tales of her discomfort when her father used to shower with her. 

But wait … it gets worse. 


Even though he corrected himself (or Jill whispered in his ear to correct him) to say grandchildren, here is what you need to know about Biden’s grandkids: Except for Hunter Biden’s youngest, all of his grandchildren — the six that he acknowledges anyway — are over 18. 

Why are they jumping into bed with their grandfather? And why would they have been doing so for the past three years, when some of them were teenage minors? 

Honestly, how do his handlers even let him speak in public anymore? Every time, it is like a Pete Buttigieg train wreck. 

We don’t even want to imagine that. We’re beginning to think that the best thing that could ever happen to young Navy Joan — Biden’s seventh grandchild that he barely even recognizes exists — would be if she never met any of the Biden family, least of all her grandfather, for her whole life. 

You said it, Bump. 

Here’s a quick reminder that Hunter Biden’s nickname for his father is ‘Pedo Pete.’ That’s not by accident. 

The only thing that would have been worse is if Biden gave this answer to Roker in that creepy whisper that he uses all the time. 

ALL the YIKES. Every single ‘YIKES’ that you have. And then borrow some more ‘YIKES’ from a friend. 

Yep. We’re not going to get any sleep tonight. 

Even if Biden wasn’t … who Biden is, this is a good point. Of course, grandparents always have great memories with their grandchildren. What grandparent wouldn’t want those? However, we’re certain that almost no grandparent chooses those children hopping on their bed as a ‘favorite’ memory. 

Right? Us too. 

We appreciate the sarcasm. By the way, here’s some of that ‘no proof.’

We had to stop there. We were starting to have the same reaction as that vomiting emoji. 

Like we said at the beginning, we WISH this was an April Fool’s joke. 

It’s not, but the entire Biden administration just feels like one long, running joke. And that joke is on us as Americans. 


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