December 1, 2023

The crazier media types get in their fear-mongering around Trump the better you know he’s doing in the polls especially when he’s being compared to Biden. And if Joe Scarborough is any indication of just how true that statement is … heck, Trump has already won.

Watch this absolute, bats**t insanity:


Fair enough.

They’ve always done this. EVERY Republican is LITERALLY Hitler and let them tell you why!

But there does seem to be more desperation around keeping Trump out of office as if they’re afraid of what he might find out … or tell the rest of us about. *adjusts tinfoil hat a little more than usual*


Eh, it’s MSNBC, the home of Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow …

We used to joke about Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) until it became all too evident TDS really is a mental illness.

Again, it’s MSNBC.

What else would you expect?

And that’s really the truth.



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