March 2, 2024

New York Fashion Week is upon us and we are so excited to see a maker presence there. This year MakeFashion are going to be hosting a fun show, demonstrating LED based wearables. You can totally join in person if you’re able, and we’d highly recommend that. However, if you can’t join, we’ll be streaming the opening LIVE! Just be sure to open up our Youtube channel or Facebook page at 8PM EST on Februray 8th (tomorrow!) to see the show.

If you have never heard of MakeFashion, you’re in for a treat. They do all kinds of cutting edge maker stuff, married with high fashion in new and inventive ways. Here’s a taste from their 2016 show.

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There will be a variety of artists and demos going on, and you can find more on the EventBrite page for the event.

For example, PlexusPlay will be providing some auditory and visual delight:

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We really hope you’ll join us and see all the wild and wonderful stuff makers are doing this year.