May 28, 2024

As Twitchy readers know, J.K. Rowling is once again under fire for ‘comparing’ a man to a man because he is a man (who claims he is a woman).

This prompted a later post by Rowling where she addressed the claim that she, a slight 5-foot 4-inch 58-year-old woman, was bullying a beefy British football manager who identifies himself as ‘Lucy Clark’.

This is not difficult. If you want to call a thing something that it’s not, you have that right. You do not have the right to demand that everyone else join your delusion.

But enough about the British calling soccer ‘football’.

Lucy Clark is a grown man. He can live however he chooses whether we agree with his choices or not, but expecting everyone to call him a woman? No.

Judge for yourself:

Every person throughout all of human history until about 10 years ago would agree that Clark is a man.

The vast majority of those who argue otherwise still know he’s a man, but it has become socially fashionable to pretend it’s not so.

That’s when Jonathan Chait entered the chat to deploy the ‘decency’ torpedo.

The ‘decency’ argument is the idea that it doesn’t harm you in any way to just call someone what they want to be called, but is that true?


What if a person wants to be called the King of England? What if they want to identify as a dolphin or, heaven forbid, a fuzzy chimp?

What if a person suddenly decided she was Jonathan Chait? Not a person named ‘Jonathan Chait’, but the Jonathan Chait?

Rowling was not having it.

Again, someone can decide to do those things if they want, but it is certainly not decent to demand that others agree with you.

It is, of course, ludicrous. We’d go so far as to say it is indecent.

For his part, Chait’s argument is that he was only referring to how people want to be addressed by others.

Asking to be called a certain name (a proper noun) is wholly different than asking to be called by certain pronouns.

If you change your name to Edward, Flipper, Bobo, or Jonathan Chait that is your personal identification of who you are and most people will refer to you by that name (even if you’re a man using a woman’s name – see Caitlyn Jenner).

Pronouns describe the kind of person you are, and nobody has the right to demand that others deny reality or compromise their morals. In fact, making such demands, backed by a charge of being ‘indecent’ if you don’t comply is the bullying tactic of the radical transgender movement.

That is the entire point of the pronoun movement. They’re not demanding that you call a guy ‘Lucy’. They’re demanding that you call a man a woman. They’re demanding the surrender of your ideals.

Hey, that was our line! There was a general disagreement with Chait’s position that people should just go along to get along under the banner of decency.

We sort of love Jonathan Chait, by the way … it’s sort of that weird Twitter/X ‘love your enemies’ kind of thing. He once called us at Twitchy a ‘conservative rage-curator’, which we thought was pretty hilarious and awesome. He did so while lumping us in with Michael Tracey, who recently said we were systematically, fanatically, ‘pro-Israel’, and we thought that was pretty great too.

Free speech also means the ability to state basic biological facts, even if it makes us the focus of left-wing rage.

We do curate our rage, by the way, with thought, debate, and humor. It’s a much better approach than taking hammers to the Magna Carta, blocking the freeway with your bodies, harassing Jews on campus, or disrupting graduation ceremonies like mega-babies. Frankly, the Left could use more rage-curators.

Come on now! It’s like all of you live inside our brains.

What if Jonathan Chait Deebs wanted to withdraw some cash from the ATM as the real Jonathan Chait? Does decency demand that Chait enter his PIN?

People aren’t buying the claim that the demand to use certain (wrong) gender pronouns and identities is a small thing.

Again, there’s a dangerous difference between asking that people address you as ‘Dr. Jill’ and demanding they agree that you are a doctor.

What about basic decency though? Isn’t it just being polite?

If someone, for example, identifies as an ER doctor, shouldn’t we just agree out of basic decency? What harm could come from that …


We’re pretty sure J.K. Rowling’s got a lot more truth shouting ahead of her.