March 2, 2024

President Biden’s ill-advised press conference about the special counsel’s report on the classified documents he kept in a garage and mentions of his poor memory captured the political news cycle this week. It went so bad that the White House felt compelled to bring out Biden adviser Ian Sams to further gaslight reporters about what the report did and did not say.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley couldn’t help but spot a huge mountain of irony on display yet again at the White House:

Turley also says the Biden WH could be giving the Republicans some ammo when it comes to possible impeachment efforts (though they failed for now to even impeach Mayorkas so maybe that’s not really a concern for Team Biden):

Here’s the full post:

…The exchange yesterday between my former student Jon Decker and aide Ian Sams is particularly notable. as Sams continues to actively manages a media campaign to blunt investigations in the President’s conduct and the alleged corruption by his family. That could prove precarious in the weeks to come as the House explores impeachment allegations against the President. The use of White House staff for such purposes has been cited in past impeachment articles.


Biden’s lies were too much for even the CNN fact-checker, who spent four minutes shredding the White House’s BS:

As Turley said, those are the same people who want to be in charge of rooting out “disinformation” (a word that when used by the Left is usually defined as “truths not helpful to the desired narrative).



Here’s a Good Indication the White House Agrees Biden’s Presser Was a Train Wreck


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