December 1, 2023

Aaron Maté ran a little victory lap a few days ago when a Community Note appended to his tweet about Israel was voted down, but while it was up, it was glorious.

As we said, the Note disappeared, but Maté still has some conditions about mass murder. Yes, Hamas slaughtered 1,400 innocent Israelis on October 7, but as he reminds us, “that was a one-day event.”

Is this supposed to be another one of those “proportionate response” arguments? Hamas killed 1,400 in one day, so Israel should halt its counteroffensive against Hamas after killing 1,400 terrorists in one day? Is that how war works?

“And that attack wouldn’t have happened in the first place if not for the occupation.” So it’s Israel’s fault that more than a thousand people were slaughtered and more than 200 taken hostage. Got it.


His entire timeline is terrible takes.

Release all the hostages and tell Hamas to surrender unconditionally. 

What a take. The massacre was just a one-day event, and besides, Israel had it coming.

Did Hamas think there wouldn’t be consequences? They need to be wiped out.


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