May 20, 2024

During a Democrat debate in 2019, Joe Biden made it clear that if he were to end up in the White House, people should illegally “surge to the border”:

Biden’s request didn’t fall on deaf ears.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin received info he received via a FOIA request, and the numbers show what an absolute disaster the Biden years have been for national security and much more: 

In the last 13 years ending in 2023, guess which president had by far the highest “gotaway” numbers: 

Here’s Melugin’s full post:

EXCLUSIVE: Internal CBP data I obtained via FOIA request reveals 13 years of known gotaways data at the border, showing gotaways have *exploded* under the Biden admin compared to the Trump & Obama years. This is the first time these numbers have ever been revealed.  

FY2010 155,599  

FY2011 86,226  

FY2012 105,105  

FY2013 171,663  

FY2014 162,071  

FY2015 101,495  

FY2016 106,643  

FY2017 104,294 

FY2018 128,679  

FY2019 151,466  

FY2020 136,808  

FY2021 387,398  

FY2022 606,131  

FY2023 670,674 

For perspective, in the decade of FY 2010 through FY 2020 under both Obama & Trump, CBP recorded over 1.4 million known gotaways. In the three years of FY 2021 through FY 2023, CBP recorded over 1.6 million known gotaways.  

A reminder, @PressSec has previously claimed that Biden has “done more than anybody” to secure the border. Known gotaways are illegal aliens seen or detected via cameras, sensors, footsign, etc, but are never apprehended.


Then again, all Karine Jean-Pierre does is lie. 

Also, this administration has been an absolute disaster on so many levels. 

Not only did Biden get rid of most of his predecessor’s policies that were keeping the border more secure, but the Homeland Security Director actually bragged about it.