March 2, 2024

There have been many attempts, both by the White House and the legacy media, to spin Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden having “willfully retained” classified documents in his garage and basement. Some claimed that Hur’s report proved that Biden was exonerated; it was exactly the opposite: It found him guilty of having classified documents, but Hur didn’t recommend charges because he didn’t think Biden was mentally capable of withstanding a jury trial.

There have been plenty of attempts to spin this by the White House and the legacy media, but it was a double whammy: Biden had documents he shouldn’t have had and was also determined unfit to stand trial because of his poor memory.

Judd Legum has come to Biden’s defense with the claim that Hur is a lawyer, not a doctor, and therefore not able to diagnose Biden with senility. He didn’t do that, though; he just included in his report that Biden couldn’t remember the years he was vice president or the year his son Beau died.


They really ought to. Biden did a prime-time press conference insisting his memory is solid; if so, he should be able to defend himself against charges of willfully retaining classified documents.

Hur is not a doctor like Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson isn’t a biologist, OK?


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