May 20, 2024

Over the years, we have seen our fair share of unhinged, crazy Trump haters who are so obsessed and overwhelmed with their own hatred that they make complete and total fools of themselves over and over again. It’s as if hating one man has overtaken their entire world and being … 

Nobody tweets more about Trump than his haters.

Wait, let us fix that … nobody tweets more STUPID about Trump than his haters. 

For example:


Trump has the gag order. Eric Trump, J.D. Vance, and Don Jr. do not.

Yeah …

Right? Weird.

Weird is nicer than calling them dumb. Our bad.

Maybe if the Trump organization or campaign had a gag order? But Trump himself? Eh.

No no, leave it up. We all needed a laugh today.


Is this a trick question?

To be fair, we thought this might just be a really good parody but … nope. In fact, one of the groups listed that they’ve ‘come from has this editor blocked.

TDS is real, folks.



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