March 2, 2024

The Left’s trying hard to circle the wagons around President Biden but what’s making it more difficult is that those wagons are all missing at least one wheel.

The takes have been many, but this might be one of the most unintentionally hilarious of the bunch: 

Opinion: Oh puh-leeze! 

The Los Angeles Times has laid off many “journalists” so maybe they’re trying to fill the space with a bit of comedy. 

Watching the Left try to turn the president we can see with our own eyes into some kind of genius super-hero has been amazing.

This might be the funniest sentence in the whole op-ed:

That would be a shame, because given another four years Biden might well be able to restore confidence in an America that has so destructively turned on itself.


EL-OH-FREAKING-EL! Gee, who could have helped cause America to turn on itself?

The article was written by a climate change activist and it’s no wonder they like Biden because there’s no amount of money he’s not willing to print and dump into the Left’s eco shams.


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