April 25, 2024

Where would the left be if it wasn’t for projection? And if it wasn’t for imagining fake scenarios and hurting their own feelings? They are rapidly running out of any other arguments since God knows, they can’t find anything to say about their candidate for President in 2024. So, they just make up things about Republicans. 

Which brings us to the Twitter account of ‘Phoenix Wise’ (cringe), who is the leader of an actual rock band called ‘The Resistance’ (CRINGE). We’d really like to ask this gentleman what exactly he and his band are ‘resisting,’ since the left controls nearly every institution in America not called the Supreme Court. It gets better when you look at his Twitter profile, which contains every hashtag you’d expect to see there: #Resist, #BLM, #Antifa, and so many more. 

Normally, we wouldn’t bother with a Twitter rando, but the account does somehow have nearly 90,000 followers. More importantly, ‘Phoenix Wise’ (we’re just going to call him Phoenix from now on since we certainly would never refer to him as ‘Wise’) decided that Easter Sunday would be a perfect time to tweet out some made-up nonsense about how he and his wife are afraid to put a Biden-Harris bumper sticker on his car because of ‘VIOLENT MAGA EXTREMISTS’ … or something. 

But we love a good fictional short story, and his tweet did get 400K views, so let’s see what Phoenix had to say …


Oh, it gets SO much better. Here is the rest of the VERY long and delusional tweet. 

I got my Biden Harris bumper sticker to put on my car. 
Unfortunately, my wife won’t let me as we live in a very red state and she drives my car a lot, so she is afraid that she will get harassed, tail gated, pushed off the road, assaulted, abused, or worse. 
Some people have experienced this violence for supporting Joe Biden and the Democrats in red states. It’s very scary! 
-I love her, so I’m going to leave it off, but it’s horrible that we live in a time in the U.S. where the evil, violent, and abusive tRump, Republicans, and their supporters are not being held accountable for their threats, harassment, and violence towards others. 
-We are living in another Hitler’s Nazi Germany. If we speak out against tRump and the Republicans in these red states, we are threatened and sometimes attacked. 
-Seriously, tRump is the GOP nominee and he incited a violent and deadly riot and insurrection to overthrow the government 3 years ago, and he is still not convicted and in prison like he should be. 
-And, he is a convicted sexual abuser, liar, and financial fraudster and is still facing almost 100 felony criminal charges that he has already been found guilty by unbiased grand juries due to the enormous amount of evidence against him. 

Sorry, we have to pause and laugh for a moment at all of the insane buzzwords he shoved into that tweet. ‘tRump,’ ‘harassment,’ ‘Hitler,’ ‘Nazi Germany,’ ‘insurrection’ … we’re just going to go ahead and declare him the winner of Leftist Buzzword Bingo for Easter Sunday.

It’s also hilarious when they keep saying that so many Democrats are being attacked by these ‘violent Republicans,’ but they never seem to be able to provide any examples of that happening. 

Weird, huh? 

But if you Google Cayler Ellingson, Covenant School, or Steve Scalise, you DO seem to be able to find plenty of Democrats committing political violence. 

Too bad it wasn’t the Daily Double. You could have bet it all and really made some serious money there. 

We did get a pretty good laugh at it. So did a lot of Twitter, apparently, since Phoenix was buried under a ratio for his tweet. 

The men with the white coats might also want to bring a shot of haloperidol with them to calm Phoenix down. 

Of course, being a leftist, he just HAD to try to tweet his way out of it, claiming that people making fun of his made-up story were committing ‘violence and harassment’ against him. 

Yeah. That didn’t go so well either. 

When the left brings BS to Twitter, Ian McKelvey brings receipts. He’s good that way. 

Oh, look. MORE evidence of which party actually does the harassing. 

Come on, man. That was ‘mostly peaceful.’

HA. We know there are conservatives in Subarus out there somewhere. We kind of feel sorry for them, since the car has become an emblem of the left. 

It’s Saul Alinsky 101. And the left practices it every day. 

Phoenix must live in MAGA COUNTRY and shop at Subway at 2 a.m. 

It reminds us of the time earlier in March when Malcolm Nance famously tried to claim that MAGA vandalized his car tires. Except that he had no evidence, not even a single photo of the alleged vandals, and never even called the police. 

Or maybe of Eric Swalwell’s REPEATED attempts to fake threatening messages sent to him from Republicans.

We could go on dragging Phoenix here for ages (Twitter still is today), but we thought we’d look up some of his ‘music,’ just to see what the world was missing out on. 

Here you go: 


Sorry for inflicting that on you, Twitchy readers, but you know the rules: we saw it, so now you have to. 

We’d tell Phoenix Wise to quit social media and stick to his day job, but he seems to suck at that too. 

And no made-up stories he spins on Twitter will ever change that. 


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