March 2, 2024

Tell us you have no idea how much work Joe Biden has had done without telling us you have no idea how much work Joe Biden has had done.

Or that you’re willingly ignoring it so you can pretend he’s not a walking, talking bag of Botox at this point.

Jason Kander’s passive-aggressive dig at Trump didn’t go all that well:

What exactly is Biden getting done? Napping? Vacationing? Napping some more? Yelling at journalists? Eating ice cream?

Man, that Hur Report has really broken a lot of people which seems weird because we’ve all been able to see Biden’s decline in the last few years. It’s not like we went, ‘WHOA, HUR IS RIGHT.’ 

Duh, we’ve known.

Joe is a mess. He’s too old and too out of it to be president now or for another four years. Sorry, not sorry.

Someone is definitely concerned with how Joe looks.



It’s his sideways attempt at saying, ‘BUT TRUMP.’

We know, it’s lame.

You know what? He DOES sort of look like that.


Not even a little.



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